Empire Rising


Party present: Brek Sturnson, Elihas Ramathustra, Ragnar Smotson, and Fiona Scarlatti.

The Adventure

Ciro recovers and, after some not-so-subtle intimidation, confesses that the page was deliberately murdered and the box – which never actually contained anything – was discarded into the canal where it spilled out into the bay lost to everyone. Guildmaster Colvino hopes to affect the discovery of items by people wanting his favor without drawing undue attention by his adversaries that would hope to thwart him if he were searching for it openly. The question remains who set the monster on Ciro. Was it Colvino or was it one of his rivals?

Fiona reveals a gold medallion she found while in the jungle. It matches exactly the description of the medallion the group is looking for. Further, in Elihas’ hands, it is warm and he believes it to be an item of magical power. Fiona stated that she had received messages from the Oracle, stating that powerful forces were searching for the medallion, and that they needed to find a way to give them what they wanted without giving them what they wanted. Keep it hidden, keep it safe.

Following this revelation, Brek and Elihas say that something happened to them in the pool as well. Since he swam in the pool of the Tear of God, Brek experienced visions more frequently, mostly of his father. In Elihas’ homeland, he would be called a prophet. Elihas reveled that since he had swam in the pool of the Tear of God, he had become more attuned to things magical. There is a power there he is still trying to understand.

Next, Brek and Ragnar go and meet with Polinis, asking him if he knows that Colvino is searching for two items. They say they might have a line on the gold medallion. They offer a trade, Brek’s contractual obligation to Polinis for the medallion, so that he (Polinis) could trade it Colvino in exchange for his wife. Polinis was open to the idea, though he admits to liking the idea of keeping something Colvino wants more than retrieving his wife.

With the truth out that Colvino never had the medallion or parchment and has staged the whole thing so that people would find it for him, it was noted as odd that he started the search before the medallion was even in Ceccana. Elihas, however, did not find it odd, because the medallion was there now, which was what mattered. If that was the case, then it was possible that the parchment was there now as well. He started searching pawn shops and scrivener shops to see if he could find it. While he did not find the parchment, he did find some one who thought he recognized the design, a scrivener named Entonio (not the same Entonio he met before). Working with Entonio, Elihas and he were able to find that is was an ancient Haen design supposedly when the Haen controlled Ceccana, though Entonio knows of no such time.

The group decides that, while Elihas is doing research with Entonio, they will go to try to make a duplicate of the amulet. Elihas had found a gold coin and they would use that to plate an iron fake. They made a clay copy of the amulet and traveled to Terracina to find a jeweler to do the job. Along the way they were ambushed by highway bandits, but they managed to win through.

Elihas’ research into the Haen parchment found that there used to be a temple of some sorts near the current Governor’s Palace. The entrance is believed to be somewhere in the sewers.



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