Elihas Ramathustra

Short (4'11") and dark, he has certain skills he'd rather others didn't know about.


Name: Elihas Ramthustra

Concept: Professional Aquirer (Thief)

Catch Phrase: The having is not as much fun as the getting

Level: Veteran Current XP: 51


Agility: d8

Smarts: d10

Spirit: d6

Strength: d6

Vigor: D6

Pace: d6 Parry: d6/2+2 = 5 Toughness: d6/2+2+1(leather armor) = 6 Charima: +2 Bravery – +2


Fighting: d6

Lockpicking: d8+2

Shooting: d4

Stealth: d8+2

Swimming: d4

Throwing: d8

Investigation: d6

Notice: d10

Streetwise: d4

Knowledge, religion: d4

Knowledge, sorcery: d6

Knowledge, occult: d6

Guts: d6

Climbing: d6+2

Hinderances Wanted (minor) Small(major)

Edges Thief (+2 to lockpicking, stealth, climbwalls) Noble Charismatic Arcane Background (from swimming in the Spring)

Inventory Leather Armor Lockpick & Tools Rope (silk) 20’ Dagger(x2) Blanket Hammer, small Canteen(x2) [water, oil] prybar, small oil whetstone


Elihas the first born son of Taighan Ramathustra, a Bishop of considerable standing in the One True Faith in Aman’Brin. He is also a twin; his brother Jerhad was born a few minutes after. The circumstances of his birth that made him first born was due to the fact that there was not enough room for full development, so Elihas was much smaller than his brother. Jerhad as a young man is over six feet in height while Elihas does not even reach five.

Both boys were trained to follow in their fathers footsteps, but Elihas’ small size made it apparent that Jerhad would succeed him. Efforts were made to provide a Elihas with a future in the Ramathustra Family Trade Association. Elihas though soon discovered an advantage to his size—he was often overlooked. Elihas began taking things that didn’t belong to him. Soon it became a kind of a game, and he learned how to get around locked doors and detect hidden traps. The act of acquiring became more interesting than actually getting it.

His actions were not always unnoticed and sometimes brought trouble. His father was finally forced to send Elihas away under the guise that he was to stay with his Uncle Tohmas in Ceccana

Elihas Ramathustra

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