Fiona Scarlatti


Agility: D8

Smarts: D6

Spirit: D4

Strength: D6

Vigor: D6

Skills: Boating, Fighting, Shooting, Swimming, Throwing, Notice, Survival, Housekeeping (cursed racial bonus skill), Guts, Intimidation, Climbing

Hindrances: Outsider, Bloodthirsty

Edges: Two-Fisted, Quick, Strong-Willed (racial bonus edge)

Shortsword, Dagger, Leather Armor


“Society often forgives the criminal; it never forgives the dreamer.”

Fiona Scarlatti, nee Fiana Scarlatti, escaped her father’s prominent household in her twelfth year, as soon as she was strong enough to wield a dagger and looked old enough to gain employment. Exploiting her traditional female Naissani education in the “domestic arts”, Fiona earns a few gold pieces cleaning grimy inn rooms here and there, enough that she need not resort to thievery for survival—at least, not on a regular basis. Far preferring the loss of a year on the chain to the loss of dignity that would accompany her ornamental installment in some greasy Naissani merchant’s estate, the young woman ekes out a living that mostly sees her through hard times.

Over the years Fiona has managed to build up a fairly steady circle of inns that offer her work when they can (serving wenches do not capitulate their territory easily, and many have added cleaning to their expertise in the “domestic arts”). She earns enough that she can occasionally pay a drunken greedy sailor to sneak her aboard an empty ship and instruct her in the maritime profession (the particular forbidden maritime profession that does not entail lying on one’s back). Her great dream is that one day she will accumulate enough knowledge and wealth to commandeer a ship of her own, crewed by anyone who can manage to not feel offended by a female captain.

For now, Fiona remains sought after by her father and grandfather’s bravos. The Scarlatti family has created favorable alliances throughout the generations, and both Domenico and his father Alessandro have borne tremendous insult as a direct result of the girl’s defiance. Two years yet remain for the patrons to arrange a suitable marriage for the young woman before she may be considered unfit for an aristocratic household.

Fiona Scarlatti

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