Aman’Brin / Brinish

Located along the southeastern peninsula of Atalîl, Aman’Brin is a temperate region composed of farmland, intertwining rivers, rolling hills, and a spreading urbanization in the south. Previously two nations, Aman and Brinland, the two declared war on each other when their borders could no longer expand. When the two armies met, the One True God ascended to paradise and the two nations unified under a single common religion. It is the only monotheistic society on Circadia.

Society Today

Aman’Brin is the only nation in the world that can boast a 100% literacy rate. The Word, the sacred text of the One True God written by his brother-in-law and first apostle is taught to, read, and reread by all in the faith. While a person may have never read anything else in his life, he will have at least once read the Word from cover to cover.

There are three tiers to Brinish society, the aristocracy (comprised by the upper echelons of the church as well as wealthy merchants), the “named,” and the “unnamed.” A skilled tradesman is given a surname representative of his craft, such as Tanner, Cooper, or Monger. Unskilled laborers, those changing trades, those of little ability within their trades, or those convicted of particular crimes are permitted only a first name. The aristocracy has surnames not derived from any labor but representative of their position and lineage (passed patriarchally).

Ascribing to a faith other than that of the One True God is permissible only to those born outside of Aman’Brin (and even then is looked down upon). Any born within the domain of the church that forsake the worship of God are condemned to death (and often flee in exile before the truth of their faith is discovered).

Women in Society

Women are permitted to hold a job, own property, and be named in wills. Otherwise, Aman’Brin is a classically patriarchal society with women taking a secondary role to their male counterparts. More importantly, the only positios within the church that women may fill is that of nun, a diminished position within the faith left to tending major monuments and operating social charities such as food distribution and hospitals.

Coming Up in Society



The law in Aman’Brin is – like all other social programs – administered by the church. Scions called friars travel the roads to root out sin and criminality and dispense justice. They wear red dyed leather coats with fur trim (that denotes seniority). They carry both large and small swords to dispense the requisite justice they deem suitable to the crime. This may entail the losing of a finger, hand, or entire appendage. The worst crimes are all dealt with by beheading. Most crimes, however, result in little bodily damage but a forced labor as a means of penance. There is no means of appeal to a friar’s judgment. Most laws and punishments are detailed in the Word and thus all true believers already know what their sins and punishments are, so there is no general concern of inpropriety.

Brinish Adventurers

There are a number of reasons why someone from Aman’Brin may become an adventurer, but few of them are positive. Aman’Brin trades peacefully with its neighbors (including Aman), but most Brinish citizens do not permanently emigrate. Those that do have most likely chosen a path that would make life in Aman’Brin more difficult such as marrying a heathen, falling from the faith, or pursuing a life of crime while not wanting to risk extreme bodily disfigurement.


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