Naissan / Naissani

Naissan is not a single nation but a collection of four city-states on the northwestern coast of Kâl. With the exception of the ruins on Roanisa Islance, Astina, Terracina, Viadana, and Ceccana (from east to west) are the four largest cities in all of Circadia. (The Ylish capital of Bazawamb is similar in size, but much of this is due to its labyrinthine wall, a fact Naissani magisters are quick to point out.) These four cities all claim to be the remaining embodiment of the Haen Empire and thus append “Imperial” to all their formal titles (i.e., “Imperial Seat” or “Imperial City-State”). The leader of these cities are titles magister not emperor.

Society Today

Naissan is a heavily bureaucratic nation. Guilds form the structure of commerce and civil infrastructure. Guilds embody everything from butchers and bakers to street sweepers and coin makers. No profession is not represented by a guild (some clearly more powerful than others). While there is not a noble aristocracy, there is an economic aristocracy that fills the same niche. Guildmasters are powerful men, the greatest of those acting as advisers to the magister.

Women in Society

Women are little more than property in Naissani society, but the most valuable of property.

Coming Up in Society



Rule of law in the city-states is similar. A full-time constabulary patrols the streets and the walls, mans the gates, and guards the harbor. There are also paid judges reviewing cases in predefined districts and circuit judges traveling the countryside to adjudicate disputes among rural tenants.

Basic justice is dispensed by the constables themselves. Theft, fraud, and other petty crimes result in a person being sent to “the chain” for a duration based on the severity of the crime as dictated by the arresting constable. Stealing a loaf of fresh bread, for example, would land someone on the chain for a year. “The chain” is the forced labor gangs that work construction in the most dangerous parts of the city. Sewer tunnels and high towers that might be too dangerous for a regular guild mason to work on are instead completed by the chain. Loss of life is a regular occurrence, but that’s why they use criminals.

More severe crimes, such as smuggling, grand theft, blackmail, and defrauding a public official, result in the person being sold into slavery until such a time as his debt is considered paid. Such times have been known to last anywhere from 20 years to life.

For capital crimes, the sentence is always and only death. None of the Naissan city-states keep prisons. Beheaded bodies are weighted and thrown into the canal to get caught in the riptide and sent out to sea.

All charges may be appealed to a judge only by a registered barrister. A prisoner serves his sentence until the appeal is heard. As such, criminals must pay the arresting constable to hire the lawyer on their behalf. Surprisingly, there is little corruption in this area as barristers often pay constables kickbacks to bring them business.


Not only is slavery legal in Naissan, it is the city-states largest and most profitable trade. Slaves are debtors, criminals, privateers, and savages kidnapped from the jungles of central Kâl. The majority of slaves come from the jungles where a savage race called the D’ohme, are kidnapped and domesticated along the Slave Road, a dirt highway running from the jungle, across the hinterland to Astina. The slave trade follows a specific route, from east to west, leaving Ceccana with the slimmest choices of slaves but often the true diamonds in the rough. Any D’ohme surviving the circuit are but not sold are killed and used as food for the animals captured in the jungles.

Naissani Adventurers

Along with Aman, Naissan creates the most adventurers in Circadia. Unlike Naissan, the majority of these are actually women. Disaffected with their home life and desiring of something more than being a cook, a maid, and a wet nurse, Naissani women don disguises, adopt pseudonyms, and head to the highways for the thrill of the wild life. They rob couriers and merchants, kill whomever they wish, and return home before their husbands arrive in port none the wiser.


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