Empire Rising


Party present: Brek Sturnson, Elihas Ramathustra, and Ragnar Smotson

The Adventure

After deciding to travel east across the Amani wastes, the party reconsiders and books passage from Astina to Westport (outside of Temple) in Aman’Brin. Elihas attempts to reach out to his family, first with a message to his father. His father rejects his note out of hand, so he attempts to contact his brother. His brother sends him a note at the same time, telling him that his father is upset that he has returned to Aman’Brin so quickly when it had been understood that he was leaving for Naissan. He recommends that Elihas leave Temple as soon as possible.

The group dines at The Black Sheep Tavern, planning on leaving for Skivendia as soon as possible. During their meal, the bar maid stares at Brek. The begin conversing and he learns that his father had passed through this tavern a couple months before. He had been a very popular patron for the few days he had stayed. She passes her affection to Brek as well and he convinces the group to stay the night at the tavern. A few hours later, the two have consummated their association and the girl, Dahlia, asks Brek to marry her and to take her with him on his travels. He starts to agree until he remembers how easily he agreed to a slave contract and then chooses to drink her under the table.

Brek stumbles out of the room and calls for his companions, waking them but waking Dahlia’s father as well. This leads to Ragnar dropping Brek out a window and then sneaking out the front. Elihas and Fiona wait until the father has turned his attention from his guests and back to his daughter. The party regroups at the docks and sets out for Skivendia the next morning.



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