Brek Sturnson

Skivendian Fighter \ Prophet


Name: Brek Sturnson
Concept: Arrogant Mountainman / Bear Wrestler

Level: Novice Current XP: 30 [10 Total Sessions]

Agility: d6
Smarts: d8 [boost from reaching 25 xp]
Spirit: d6
Strength: d8 [boost from reaching 5 xp]
Vigor: d8 [Boost from major hindrance: Arrogant]

Pace: 6
Parry: d8/2+ 2 +1 [Med. Shield] = 7
Toughness: d8/2+2 + 1(Brawny) +1(Leather Armor)= 8 / +3(Pot Helm Head Shot)=10
Charisma: +0

Fighting d8 [4pts]
Riding d4 [1 pt]
Swimming d4 [1 pt]

Notice d6 [2 pts]
Streetwise d4 [1 pt] Survival d4 [1 pts]
Taunt d6 [2 pt]
Knowledge: Mountains d4 [1 pt]

Guts d6 [2 pts]
Intimidation d6 [2 pt]
Secret Skill [Prophecy] d4 [1 pt]

Climbing d4 [character race bonus]

Arrogant [Major] – Must humiliate opponent, challenge the leader

Danger Sense [Base Human Edge] – Notice at -2 to detect surprise attacks / danger
Brawny [Base Race Bonus] – Toughness +1; Load limit is 8 x Str
Arcane Background [Prophecy]
Level Headed [xp 30 edge]

Character Advancements
5 xp – Strength Stat Boost > d8
10 xp – New skill: Streetwise > d4
15 xp – Intimidation > d6, Guts > d6
20 xp – Edge: Arcane Background – Prophecy, Secret Skill > d4 / Survival < d4
25 xp – Smarts Stat Boost > d8
30 xp – Edge: Level Headed

Current Inventory:
Leather Armor +1 / 15 lbs / 50 gp
Pot Helm +3 / 4 lbs / 75 gp
Battle Ax [Str+d8] / 10 lbs / 300 gp
Knife [Str+d4] / 1 lb / 25 gp
Canteen 1 lb / 5 gp
Whetstone 1 lb / 5 gp
Flint & Steel 1 lb / 3 gp
Rope 50’ 7.5 lbs / 10 gp
Trail Rations 5 lbs / 10 gp
Medium Shield +1 Parry / +2 When attacked at range
Grappling hook
Father’s Stein
Father’s Marriage Band[Ring]

Total Weight: 38.5 lbs Gold: 0 Shells: 26


Brek Sturnson is a rather arrogant brute hailing from the Skivendian mountaintops.

One night, Brek’s father Sturn mysteriously left the mountains to head down to the city of Ceccana for, what he relayed to his wife to be, “urgent business”.

In the years that passed since his father left, Brek had taken it upon himself to hunt the surrounding areas for fur and food to keep his mother and two younger sisters warm and well-fed. Daylin, the eldest of his sisters would accompany Brek on his adventures and also learned to survive off the land as he did. Daylin prided herself in the stealth and accuracy of a long-range kill, whereas Brek enjoyed goading the larger wildlife into drawn-out hand-to-claw battles to submission. Through the years they’d come to respect and rely on the others combative skills.

2 years had passed with no word from their father. Fearing the worst and following his curiosity, Brek decided to search for his father by travelling to Ceccana. He leaves the family in Daylin’s capable hands, to whom he’s made a vow to return as soon as he discovers news of his fathers mysterious voyage…

And this is where Brek’s adventure begins…


I know nothing of the visions I have seen, father, and so they frighten me. This world that you have come to explore outside of the mountains is twisted and dangerous—moreso then I would ever have imagined. I have used my weapon to slay men – something you would not be proud of. Know that I do this only to come closer to realizing your fate. I pray for your safety nightly. I press forward knowing someday that you, mother, Daylin and I will be united again in Skivendia, the land we honor. May the Gods look after you and keep you strong.

The visions have followed me since I first set hands on the covered pillars we came across on our travels toward the Dohme Forest. I had asked the wise man Brother Matthias, who calls the Dohme Forest his home, what he knows of their power. I did not tell Matthias of the visions lest he try to use it as leverage to convert me to his chaotic faith. Perhaps this will pass … When we reach Ceccana I shall purchase enough mead to cleanse these images from my mind and start anew on my quest. I have spent far too long dashing about in the wrong direction. But the visions … they seem so … real – as if I have lived them before. Or, perhaps, they are things to come? I have not spoken to my travelling comrades about them lest they think me mad. I would think the cleansing waters of the Dohme would wash them away. Mayhap my body too heathen for such rituals to work? I can ponder this no longer. We shall see what tomorrow brings. Father, please guide me as I must not fail you.

I have met Polonis, Father, and I know more about your voyage to Ceccana. This man is a wretched poison! What once he lourded above your head has now become my own imprisonment. For deeds of your own doing I find myself under Polonis’ employ, set to work out a wager on a fight you threw in favor of his rival – a Guildmaster named Colvino. The prize, it seems, was Polonis’ wife. Polonis has bound me to be his servant under contract until his wife is returned to him. What a tangled web this is. Why would you throw the fight, Father? If purely in spite of Polonis I would understand. I wonder if your intentions where moreso to assist his rival Colvino, but to what end?

It has come to our attention that guildmaster Colvino is quite a powerful character in Ceccana. The man owns the city! We have found out that Colvino had a shipment of rare goods intercepted that he would pay a grand fee to find. Given the soured ties between Colvino and Polonis, if these items were found perhaps they could be used as a bargaining chip for my freedom? Items Colvino would want could be used by Polonis to regain what Colvino has taken from him. We shall set out to find these items. Perhaps then this enslavement will end.

One of the items Colvino seeks has made it’s way into our grasp! An amulet of unknown origin which seems plain to my eye matches the description. The item was found by Fiona on the floor of the God’s Tear Lake in the Dolhme Forest! Why Colvino would treasure such a trinket I know not, but if we chance upon the second item I may be a free man! Forgive me for being selfish. I indeed owe a great favor to Fiona, Ragnar and Elihas, but I refuse to be enslaved by that filth Polonis!

Daylin and Mother would not believe the stories I have to tell. Would they believe my visions or tales of the Haen Deity, a crazed two-headed vulture creature, from which we narrowly escaped? I think not, but I thank the Gods for our safekeeping from this tormented beast.

The rumors about the Haen Temple are indeed true—A civilization of the past, perhaps, their libraries a wealth of knowledge forgotten. It was in this temple the Haen vulture creature was summoned before our very eyes! It gave chase upon deeming us heathen, charging and lashing it’s tongue while we fled in fear. The members of the Haen order clawed, but by the Gods we escaped! And with us a Haen scroll, the second item Colvino seeks!

The time had come to confront Polonis with the items. To see if the weight of what had been found would be enough to commit him to relinquish my contract. What he would do with the amulet and scroll Colvino seeks was no bother to me if I were free. It also seems that we were not the only group seeking these items and have brought attention to ourselves with all our questioning. I feel those in town we know and consort with may be in danger as well. Colvino must be a powerful man if these items are so highly sought—the reward for these items indeed must be immense…And to think if my freedom were not in question what other wealth we could barter for in its stead!

I could not have asked for a better event! Today Ragnar and I delivered the amulet and scroll to Polonis. He was amazed by the Haen scroll and immediately upon reading the text produced my contract which I quickly threw into the fire! I am finally free of this devil’s enslavement! May the God’s curse him and worms infest his filthy bowels! Upon returning home, Ragnar and I came across a strange beast waiting to pounce upon us! Another summoning similar to the creature found at Ciro’s. I fear for Mother Jara. The search for the amulet and scroll has brought much unwelcome attention to us and perhaps we would do best to take our leave from Ceccana. Perhaps it is time to see if the visions are true and travel back to Skivendia…Have you returned home already, Father?

Note To Family: To you I am a proud son. A hero who ventured far from his homeland to reunite us as a family. Let it be known that my intentions were pure and honorable. But if I die tomorrow I bring only regret and shame to my grave. I lament now on my failures and the wrong I have done. I have the blood of the innocent on my hands and I have fled far more than fought. These events eat at my soul and are not the makings of a true Skivendian warrior. Perhaps the long nights as we travel back to Skivendia have given too much time for thought or the mead at the taverns too strong, but I cannot forgive myself for not bringing pride to my name. These failures are the reasons we left Ceccana and I fear these failures will follow me to my grave…

Brek Sturnson

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